Red Elm Tree

This home is nestled atop a dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and follows the natural contours to blend into the environment. The beautiful view afforded by the elevated position also exposes the home to all the weather the Atlantic has to offer. Thoughtforms collaborated closely with architect Michael Price to balance the trade-offs between aesthetic and a robust building envelope to withstand the exposure. The resulting concrete, metal, glass and wood exterior shelters the bright and warm interior spaces while preserving the views and the elemental feel of the home. The board-formed concrete that transitions between interior and exterior spaces blurs the distinction between indoors and outdoors and was painstakingly crafted with hand-lined forms: the impression of the grain of the wood is evident throughout, making the natural feel both tangible and durable.

As our built environment moves toward healthier, more comfortable, all-electric systems, on-site power generation is becoming a common component of our homes. In this instance, solar panels are hidden from view on the flat roof but still enjoy unfettered access to the sun above. With advances in panel design and associated production efficiencies – as well as incentives – this system like others, pays for itself and then becomes a net-positive investment in the property.

What we learned while building this home is carried forward so we are ‘always building better.’

Landscape Architect
Horiuchi Solien
Trent Bell
custom wood molding Marks Marks Marks Marks

Thoughtforms’ Workshop

Our shop is located in an old apple barn adjacent to our office. It’s a place that inspires creativity, grounded in yankee sensibility. Take a look at the Shop portfolio to get a sense of their craft.

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