High-Performance Meadow Modern

This home is thoughtfully nestled on a wooded landscape and provides the convenience of single-floor living for the family as well as lower-level guest and active spaces that open onto the lower meadow. The indoor environment is exceptionally healthy as a result of all-electric systems, dedicated air-filtration and ventilation, low-emitting finishes, and whole-house water treatment systems. Discreetly placed solar panels and energy monitoring allow the homeowner to minimize the home’s energy profile and Japanese Yakisugi/Shou Sugi Ban cypress siding brings the benefits of a graceful aesthetic, durability and low-maintenance.

Western Suburbs
Zero Energy Design
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Thoughtforms’ Workshop

Our shop is located in an old apple barn adjacent to our office. It’s a place that inspires creativity, grounded in yankee sensibility. Take a look at the Shop portfolio to get a sense of their craft.

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