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Mark Doughty


  • Education

    University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Hometown

    Hometown Wayland, current town Lincoln (on the Wayland line!)

  • What makes working at Thoughtforms meaningful?

    Standing on the shoulders of all the folks who came before and created a team and culture that is connected with the broader community of craftspeople, architects, and designers...and the possibility of leaving the team better prepared to navigate whatever the future holds.

  • What do you enjoy outside of work?

    P3… people-powered-pursuits (particularly with my family!). Cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and cycling are where I chase my kids most these days. I've lived in New York state, the Netherlands, Maine, Colorado, London, and Chicago, but I'm happiest being where my family is happiest.

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