Who We Are

Who We Are

Thoughtforms is the premier builder in eastern Massachusetts. Since its start in 1972, the firm has established its reputation throughout the region by building some of the finest homes in all architectural styles.

Clients trust Thoughtforms to deliver custom quality in a transparent and informative way and to be a partner for the long-term. The quality clients expect extends far beyond the level-of-finish and what can be seen in the here-and-now and includes the health and comfort of the indoor environment, energy use, durability, and technology among other elements.

To deliver across all these dimensions requires a unique team of professionals. And to bring this team together, Thoughtforms has focused on stability, education and experience rather than growth. Since the mid-1990’s we have maintained a team of 65 skilled individuals engaged in either our core construction work (ground-up, renovations and additions for homes as well as select community-focused projects) or one of three support services:
- Service and maintenance, exclusively for Thoughtforms-built properties, to support clients as they live their lives and evolve
- Millwork studio to inspire and create select elements in a home such as curved installations or custom veneers
- Business and accounting to provide clients complete transparency into all financial aspects of their projects

Each client relationship is “owned” by one of the firm’s Principals, experts in all aspects of construction, building science, and energy efficiency. The Principal attends the weekly project coordination meetings to ensure the project team – a full-time, on-site Supervisor partnered with a Project Manager – receives all the support and guidance required to deliver on time and on budget. Thoughtforms recognizes that close collaboration with architects and designers is required to achieve these results and invests heavily to establish a transparent environment of trust and open communication.

When time comes for the client to move-in, the Principal facilitates a seamless transition from the project team to a service representative. The service representative, informed by the project team, a comprehensive owner’s manual and construction documentation, tailors their support to the client’s needs. These needs can range from concierge-like service to as-needed/on-call response. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of clients rely on Thoughtforms for the long-term.

Thoughtforms continues to serve clients in Boston, its western suburbs, and communities on the north shore as well as the Cape. Winner of numerous “Best of Boston” awards, Thoughtforms holds the distinction of being the only builder on the Massachusetts mainland recognized as the National Custom Home Builder of the Year by Custom Home Magazine.