MIT Sloan Sustainability

A number of us have connections to MIT and we have kept those connections active in two important ways: through the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative; and, by bringing MIT student teams into our workplace to collaborate on projects.

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

The MIT Sloan Sustainability alumni breakfasts are part of a wider “Sustainability Unleashed” alumni engagement effort. This effort is led by alumni and supported by the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan. There is huge untapped potential in the MIT network.  Some alumni care about sustainability but feel too busy and isolated in their company or community to take action.  Others are making huge strides in personal, professional, and community life, but their success is invisible to the community.  Many of us are in touch with a few friends, but are not connected to the many potential coaches and mentors for our work, or the people we can help out.  From time to time we can all use some inspiration, some guidance, and a sounding board to think through how we can lead change toward a more sustainable world.  The breakfasts provide a forum for change. Three thoughtforms-Sloan alumni have hosted the breakfasts since 2012 and have tapped into the potential for change.

MIT Extern Program and Student Project Teams

Students from a number of MIT departments have spent time working with thoughtforms on projects in two key areas:

  • Identifying tools available, and emerging, that will help us serve our clients better
  • Analyzing our footprint and identifying opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment

With the understanding gained from these projects in-hand, we are moving forward on development of a client-facing mobile app (sorry, that's all we will share at this stage!) and on evaluating the business case for a conservation offset market (sorry again, the full concept is still under wraps)