Why endurance? For one thing, the homes we build are built to endure. But more importantly, endurance sports are people-powered and teach us a lot about sustainability and sustainable communities.

Endurance athletes learn early-on that they can't deplete their physical resources faster than they can replenish them. They train their bodies to work efficiently in various conditions, and they learn how to recover from short, hard efforts along the course. The best athletes get the most they can from the resources they have. And they stop short of taking too much. When you understand sustainability on this physiological level it is much easier to incorporate sustainability into other aspects of your life.

Endurance athletes also understand that the "big race" is a small piece of the journey. Success requires a long-term plan and commitment over many years across all aspects of life in pursuit of evolving goals.

This isn't so different from building and living in your home. The design process is where you establish your goals and prepare for construction, the "event". Life unfolds and evolves as the "Thought" is connected to the "form"...

We support two endurance-sport clubs in the Boston area and one Olympic athlete with local connections

Eastern Mass Bill Koch Youth Ski Club http://easternmassnordic.org/

Based at the Weston Ski Track, this club gets kids age 7 to 13 outdoors on cross-country skis at an early age. They learn to love outdoor activity during the coldest months when it would be so easy to simply stay inside! There's a great feature on the club from NPR's 'Only a Game' at this link in case you want to learn more http://onlyagame.wbur.org/2010/01/30/bill-koch-ski-team

MIT Cycling Club http://cycling.mit.edu/

2012 USA Cycling's collegiate club of the year, multiple Division 2 National Championships! The MIT Cycling Club provides balance to busy students who could easily be consumed by their studies and their research. We believe this balance will be carried into their professional and personal lives. And we believe MIT cyclists will act as force-multipliers... MIT alumni (not all of them cyclists!) have founded more than 26,000 currently active companies that employ approximately 3.3 million people and generate annual world sales of $2 trillion

Sophie Caldwell http://sophiecaldwell.blogspot.com

The clubs we support demonstrate what teams can accomplish collectively. Two-time Olympian Sophie Caldwell shows us what a single person within a team can achieve with personal dedication and the support of others. Individuals can inspire and Sophie is a great role-model. She understands that her personal success is the result of her commitment and a strong supporting team. We like that message in our work as well - success requires commitment and a collaborative, strong team.  Sophie partners with Thoughtforms to visit local schools and sports clubs to share her messages with community youth about goal-setting, commitment and hard work, the power of the team and how to face adversity.  Interested in having Sophie visit your school during her off-season?   Contact pilar@thoughtforms-corp.com.