Our Services

Our Services

We are best known in the market for building homes. Dig a little deeper and discover our shop and our service & maintenance team...

The Shop

Our shop is located in an old apple barn across the parking lot from our office. It's a place that inspires creativity grounded in yankee sensibility. Take a look at the Shop portfolio to get a sense of their craft.

Service & Maintenance

Ask any client about us and they'll surely tell you how much they love their home. They're also likely to tell you how much our service and maintenance team loves their home. Our relationships with our clients extend past the move-in date as we provide any level of support requested. In some cases this means picking up a crib at the store and assembling it in the guest room in time for a little one's first visit. In other cases it means being on call for unexpected needs. We offer a full range of service and maintenance plans tailored to the unique qualities of each home and the dynamic schedules of our clients.